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Our Facebook Experience

We've done our fair share of work on Facebook and other social media sites throughout the years we're in this business. For example, we're managing one of the largest Facebook corporate profiles in the Czech Republic – with consistently amazing results.

With so many Facebook pages under our supervision, we have a very wide audience and we're able to carefully select the best one for your offer. As a result, you will get only targeted traffic and enjoy a steep rise in conversions.

But don't just take our word for it. Get in touch today and stop wasting hundreds of potential customers on Facebook who are keen to listen to your offer!

Facebook Is Not Just For Fun

People come to Facebook daily, many of them spend hours after hours on this website. They chat, play games, meet new people and have fun with friends. Which makes it the perfect environment for a well-tailored advertisement.

Facebook Marketing Our Way

Our clients are extremely pleased with the results of our Facebook apps. They're entertaining, sometimes they're educational, but above all – they spread. They spread fast and wide and within days, your brand is seen by tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

But we don't excel just at programming viral apps. Another poweful tool for your company is a competent management of your Facebook corporate profile. One of the most common errors our clients make (before they let us handle their profile, of course) is insufficient activity on the profile and overall, a careless or even a non-existent content strategy.

Studies show only 11% of Czech and Slovak companies are 100% satisfied with their Facebook presence. All of those consider their first steps to be wrong and most of them also lost a fair amount of money doing their mistakes. Don't be like them.

We're able to devise a meaningful and engaging strategy that will attract loyal and real fans, and later effectively turn them into returning customers. All you have to do us to pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail – we'll do the hard work for you!